Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have no Fear Underdog is here!

Jake and I were outside while Daddy and Jackson were napping. He was laying out on my lawn chair looking at the sky. He then sees a plane it's "cloud trail" and says "Mom Mom! It's Unner Dog" I laugh and said "o really". Jake then goes " I wanna be a Unner Dog when I get bigger like you!" I reply with "Your not a dog? Do you wanna fly like Under Dog then?" He then goes, very excitedly with a gleem in his eye "I wan fly to space!!!!" I explained that he can do whatever he wants. So now I have an aspiring Astrnaut in the works. You can imagine Daddy's excitement. He's got a litte guy who tells him he's a soldier and now they soldier wants to be a pilot.

1 comment:

  1. Ethan's plan to get to space is to float up with a handful of helium balloons like the Dreamworks boy.