Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday What?

Some of you may know that it was my Birthday just recently. I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and movie with my dear husband, John, the night before. We decided to do it the night before because John had the night off and we both worked my Birthday. It was nice to talk to John with out interruption and to be able to enjoy him.

The next day was not so nice. I had to work and as usual I am the first up so I always let the dogs out. On a normal basis Cash , John's Dog, heads straight for the backyard while I watch at the door for him to do his business. Well this particular day would be the day that Cash makes straight bolt for freedom. I ran after him in my Jammie's and barefooted but could not catch the dumb dog (obviously he is younger then I and has an extra set of legs). After looking for him for an hour I woke up John and told him the dog was loose. I took this opportunity to get ready for work. After doing so I went and helped John look for Cash, he never answered. It was getting late and I had to get to work so I said goodbye to John, he then replies in a condescending tone as if the dog taking off is my fault. This lovely incident ruined my whole day. John was not very nice to me the rest of the day acting as if he were a child. This is no way to treat a woman on her birthday. Isn't this my day! Aren't I supposed to be on this pedestal for the whole day. Just goes to show ya the older you get the less important your Birthday is and often times it gets passed by others as just another day. All in all this year had to of been one of the worst Birthdays I have ever had. Thanks John!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today was Jake's first soccer game. He was all excited about the whole idea. He even made sure he was getting an audience and Grandma Tammy was coming. He got his team shirt, Bright orange "TIGERS". He had to wait his turn to play, they only put in 3 at a time. He waited patiently his turn, while the other to boys waiting were playing around. He looked so serious watching intently, observing every move on the field. I thought "Great he'll know what to do when it's his turn". Right! He got out there and waited for his coach to tell him something. He was a little lost and had a great time still watching intently as the other kids played. It was adorable, we had to remind him several times that he was there to "play" the game. Towards the end he got the idea and almost got one goal but too many kids tripped in front of him. It was adorable watching these 4 foot kiddos chasing a ball around not really knowing what they are doing, just knowing they need to kick that ball. Jake has a good team who obviously has older brothers and sisters that play soccer, 'cause they knew what to do. It's such a joy to watch your children grow and experience these new things. I am so grateful I am able to give this to him and in the future, his brother Jackson.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Give me money!

Here recently Jacob has become more aware of toys he wants. I think it started around last year, just before Christmas. He would see something on TV or at the store, I would just tell him to ask Santa. It seemed to work. I take that back, it started around Garage Sale season last year. I would take him to every Garage Sale with me, he was easy to take with. He started asking for too much. So I started making him work it off. I kept getting him to do little things for me like, grab the wipes, feed the cat, etc. I would give him a quarter for every favor if he had already earned his last Garage Sale gift. He would earn money to buy stuff he liked at garage sales. I got things done around the house and he got to buy what he wanted with out me questioning it. I would just remind him, "you have to use your money" and most of the time he did , others he would pass.

Now that he's older he has more expensive taste, I tell him to save his money. The debate stops and he automatically wants to do a chore. Yay me! His helping hands have gone on to bigger and better. He now like to help take the trash out, load the dishwasher, feed the pets, do the litter, and pick up dog poop. Works for me, I get stuff done around the house and he learns about hard work and earning money.

Today he was watching me load and unload the washer and dryer. We were talking about nothing in particular when he starts scooping the litter. I was like, "hey works for me." Well he finished his scooping and he walks up to me and says "Hey Mommy I'm done give me my money". I had to laugh. I walked back into the laundry and he cleaned that litter box out, so I gave him his dollar. He told me he's saving money for a Batman.