Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday What?

Some of you may know that it was my Birthday just recently. I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and movie with my dear husband, John, the night before. We decided to do it the night before because John had the night off and we both worked my Birthday. It was nice to talk to John with out interruption and to be able to enjoy him.

The next day was not so nice. I had to work and as usual I am the first up so I always let the dogs out. On a normal basis Cash , John's Dog, heads straight for the backyard while I watch at the door for him to do his business. Well this particular day would be the day that Cash makes straight bolt for freedom. I ran after him in my Jammie's and barefooted but could not catch the dumb dog (obviously he is younger then I and has an extra set of legs). After looking for him for an hour I woke up John and told him the dog was loose. I took this opportunity to get ready for work. After doing so I went and helped John look for Cash, he never answered. It was getting late and I had to get to work so I said goodbye to John, he then replies in a condescending tone as if the dog taking off is my fault. This lovely incident ruined my whole day. John was not very nice to me the rest of the day acting as if he were a child. This is no way to treat a woman on her birthday. Isn't this my day! Aren't I supposed to be on this pedestal for the whole day. Just goes to show ya the older you get the less important your Birthday is and often times it gets passed by others as just another day. All in all this year had to of been one of the worst Birthdays I have ever had. Thanks John!


  1. Uh oh sounds like someone is in the DOG house!! By all rights though I totally don't blamw you for being upset! My birthday is between Christmas and New Years so therefore its always passed by as just another day! I feel for ya! OH and sorry my text was late I really did send it on your actual birthday!