Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today was Jake's first soccer game. He was all excited about the whole idea. He even made sure he was getting an audience and Grandma Tammy was coming. He got his team shirt, Bright orange "TIGERS". He had to wait his turn to play, they only put in 3 at a time. He waited patiently his turn, while the other to boys waiting were playing around. He looked so serious watching intently, observing every move on the field. I thought "Great he'll know what to do when it's his turn". Right! He got out there and waited for his coach to tell him something. He was a little lost and had a great time still watching intently as the other kids played. It was adorable, we had to remind him several times that he was there to "play" the game. Towards the end he got the idea and almost got one goal but too many kids tripped in front of him. It was adorable watching these 4 foot kiddos chasing a ball around not really knowing what they are doing, just knowing they need to kick that ball. Jake has a good team who obviously has older brothers and sisters that play soccer, 'cause they knew what to do. It's such a joy to watch your children grow and experience these new things. I am so grateful I am able to give this to him and in the future, his brother Jackson.

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