Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The press is really pushing my last nerve! First they post crap about the war that is only bad, there is so much going on that we don't see that is good. We are blinded by ignorance and they just feed it. We hold our opinions based on what they say/print/broadcast and they don't get their story straight or hold out on the truth. A few examples that have set me over the edge today...

Our troops in IRAQ. Hello! They are every else too, not just in IRAQ! Also it is not as bad as everyone thinks, just certain areas. You know Chicago is probably more dangerous then over there. I am not gonna say much else to this, because I may cry.

I get to work today and the media is making a big deal about a worm that is being, well an Internet worm. http://www.kcci.com/news/19050244/detail.html Worms, viruses and Malware are on the Internet everyday, the media doesn't have to make my job harder by scaring 90 year old Edith that her computer is no longer safe to play her Texas hold em online. So then she has to call me and ask what to do about and the truth is if she has an Anti- Virus program on her computer she is as safe as she can be.

While reading our local paper I came across an article about an Army soldier who was called back to Active Duty from IRR, Individual Ready Reserve. http://www.newtondailynews.com/articles/2009/03/31/news/local1.txt So I thought I would read and see what it was about. She is b*&^%ing because she got called back and has a 3year old and 1 year old and doesn't want them to feel abandoned. So what does she do, she tries to fight it. The article is a sob story for her, what they fail to mention is when she signed that contract it clearly states they will do IRR for 6 years and the government can call them as needed. On a side note, her children will not feel abandoned. I should know John left for AD deployment when Jake was 2.5 years old and Jackson 11months old. They did not feel abandoned, in fact Jackson's relationship with Daddy are so strong now. There are so many troops who have been put in her position and "man'd up" to it and did their duty. I am sorry but it pisses me off that this person puts a bad name to troops who do what they can to support their family and the country they live in.

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  1. I so agree. When are they going to put some kind of pressure on the media to cover the truth, or stay outta it all together. With Ben having been over there twice he has always told me not to believe everything that I/we hear on tv or in the papers as it's likely no where near the total truth! Also he said that what they do cover over there is about 10% of what is actually going on. Here's one that will make your blood boil too. Remember back when they were covering stories and having interviews with guys from the Army and they were pretty much basing the military! Well that was in 2003 the first time Ben was there. Anyways CNN was there and interviewed Ben and some people he was with, they of coarse felt the opposite and said all positive things. After they were finished taping right then and there they told our guys it would never air due to the positivity that they showed! I emailed them asked them for a copy so we could see our husbands and I never heard back from them! Damn Media!