Sunday, January 10, 2010

So Blessed

A lot has happened in just a few weeks. I am feeling much better now. Enough to share my story with you all.

On my first ultrasound on 12/24/09 my OB noticed that I had what he called a vanishing twin. The 2nd fetus was only measuring 6weeks. I was supposed to be @12weeks. The doctor sent me to radiology in 2weeks on 1/7/10(making me supposedly about 13 or so weeks). I knew then that it just didn't seem right. I did the math over and over in my head. And could not come up with me being only 6weeks for the other little one. Those 2weeks were an awful wait.

That ultrasound was the most nerve wracking ultrasound I have ever done. The ultrasound tech would not show me the screen but she took a TON of pictures. She then had to go get the radiologists opinion. I did glance over at the ultrasound screen to see CHECK FOR VIABILITY AND DUE DATE. That took forever. She then later came in and said I needed to go see my OB right away for the results. I just knew something wasn't right, but I didn't want to freak out, I was trying to be optimistic. Once in the OB office, in the same building as radiology, it took forever again to get the OB in to talk to me. I was already fighting back tears. He sat and explained everything. Here is a summary of what I caught. I was bawling towards the end so I wasn't exactly paying attention then.

The fetus is not developing the way it should. No heartbeat anymore. According to the radiologist there are clusters of cysts on the placenta that look harmful to my body. The OB called it a Mole. But he said normally they don't have a fetus in there. He said, If I don't remove it it can cause a lot of harm to me (maybe even cancer) and I will lose the baby eventually around 12-18weeks. So the next day I went in for a D&C. Here are a few helpful links that explain what exactly was going on. and this second link will show why we needed to do a D&C right away.

January 8th 2010 will always be a day I don't want to forget but never want to relive again. I have been so blessed to have family and friends to help me through this journey. I appreciate everyone of them. John and I both thank you during this hard time. In the mean time we will need more prayers our way that I have NOT gotten any form of cancer from this experience. Thank You once again. LOVE YOU ALL

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  1. I don't know if I've said it too much or not enough lately, but I really do love you and am praying for you always.