Wednesday, December 2, 2009


For those who don't pry into my life enough probably don't know I'm expecting #3 now. Yeah that's what we call "it".

ME and my Doctor have a difference of opinion when it comes to my Due date for this new little one. He seems to think I'm due July 11th and I feel I am due July 17th....we shall see Christmas Eve. I will have an ultrasound done at 8:30am on Christmas eve to check the lil guy out and get a good due date. Of course I had an earlier doctor's appointment but had to re-schedule because he felt it was a good time to go out of town. O well I guess I can wait another week. All though I have enough going on that day. On a good note I get to take in a DVD+RW to record the whole thing of the lil bean. I keep having these horrible dreams I am having TWINS. I think that's why I can't wait to see.....more for reassurance that it's not Twins. It may be too early to find out the sex depending on what the Due date ends up being. Soonest you can find out is 15 or 16 weeks. We are excited for whatever it may be but would be COMPLETELY happy with another boy. I am of course already showing. Already have had a few comments on the pooch. Part of me loves the pregnancy shape I am taking and the other feels it's too early. I am only 7weeks at most 8weeks. How will I look at 39weeks?! Only time will tell.

For all my fans (yeah right) I will try to BLOG more now that I have this new life growing inside of me.
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