Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boom Boom....aint't it great to be...CRAAAZY

Loved that song when I was kid. Remember singing it in elementary school music class, LOL.

Anywho the blog is about our big Boom Boom celebration. Independence day, 4th of July....whatever you wanna call it. Our celebration started with me getting up to the alarm at 8am. This was my day off and here I am getting up to the ALARM! GRRR...it was worth it. I woke up to a very wet outside and kind of chilly too. Chilly as in 60 degree weather in July while in Iowa...that's chilly for us this time of year.

I quickly turned on the news to catch a glimpse of the weather. Apparently it was perfect timing. Got to watch the whole forecast. From the weather it said it would tapper off so I figured we'd make a go of it. Newton wouldn't cancel the parade for a little rain. So I got dressed and dragged the boys out of bed. They wouldn't budge. Finally I mentioned the parade and I have NEVER , and I mean never, seen Jake shoot up so fast. He looks over at me and goes " we go to the Parade today ?!". I got the boys ready and in the van without a problem, while John slept. he had to work the night before so he probably had just gotten to bed a few hours ago.

Now I am not sure what I was thinking when I got the bright idea to take the dog, my dog Jingle. But I plopped in the van with us. We managed to meet up with family, my sister-in-law and her family. The parade was cold but the kids enjoyed every minute of it and got a good loot on candy too. Mommy also got a few freebies to enjoy too.

After the parade is was back to the house to spend some quality time with John. We didn't do much but hang out in the house because I frankly thought it to be chilly outside. Once John was ready to leave for work and after I changed the boys and I into pants and a sweatshirt we headed off to the BBQ/ Bonfire that Jaime was at. The boys were on their best behavior. (proud mother right now) We got to enjoy some fireworks and a bonfire in the country with no bother. We ended the forth in bed my 11:30pm, yes the boys were still up.

The next morning it was another day of fun. I tried my hardest to sleep in, no alarm this time. But NOOOO I was up at 8am without the alarm. We headed over to John's Mom's (Tammy) House for some BBQ and family fun. All 4 kids enjoyed them selves fully. They were covered in dirt to prove it. After the BBQ we headed home to re coop and then headed over to Jaime's to enjoy some time there. We played ladder golf and badminton. Now for those who don't know I played Badminton as a sport in high school, granted it's been almost 10 years I still got it...he he. We enjoyed some time together then ended the night with sparklers and city fireworks at the park.

I enjoyed my VERY busy weekend with the family. It seems that my holidays are just more enjoyable when you spend them with family. I know one day those boys are gonna gripe at me because they "have to" go, but I will make them, LOL. Sorry if this was a long boring who cares blog for ya but I figured some people might enjoy it.

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